Since becoming a Connect to Patients client our business has experienced consistent growth. Thanks to Kelly and her team, we are receiving one to two valuable new patients each week, whom are looking for substantial work to be performed on them. We are supremely satisfied with the trusted relationship, high caliber of service and internet marketing expertise provided by CTP. We understand that the internet is an important piece of the marketing landscape for dentists currently and we owe it all to Kelly and Connect to Patients for now being able to capitalize on gaining new patients from the internet. Thanks Kelly and the CTP Team!

-Dr. Jerry Albus and Dr. Ronald McKay, Toluca Lake, CA.

Kelly Muldoon has mastered the ever-evolving world of Google Adwords as it relates to dental marketing. If you're a dentist looking for more new patients, Kelly can help you get massive amounts of internet traffic to your website FAST...and that translates into new patients. I've been utilizing Kelly's services for over 4 years, and I can personally attest to her amazing skills. Even if you don't have a website, or if your existing website needs improvement, Kelly can even develop a winning website for you that ATTRACTS new patients like moths to a light! I give Kelly my HIGHEST recommendation!


-Dr. Chris Bowman

What I like most about services is the personal touch.  There is a whole world out there with the web - and I didn't know how to reach it.  I was listening to you on a webinar and it all made a lot of sense.  I talked to Dr. Bowman he referred you.  What was most impressive was that you wouldn't give up until it worked for us.  You are persistent, consistent and helpful.  I know you work long hours, too, and I appreciate it.

-Dr. Ray Tuckett

Recently we've completed our new website with the assistance of Ms. Kelly Muldoon.  Kelly is extremely helpful. Her response to every request has always been very prompt and efficient. She initially provided a time table for completion of the site and execution was excellent.  As in most dental offices, this was important for us to stay on task because of our busy schedule.  When we discussed  the design of our website, she provided solid information, research  and other professional referrals to assist us.  With Kelly's input, we are in the process of creating video to add throughout the website. Though our website is relatively new, we have full confidence that with Kelly's expertise and guidance the website will generate many new patients to our practice.

Dr. Donald Cleland Jr., DDS


Dear Kelly,

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate the terrific job you are doing for me in drawing patients to my website. In the first three months of this year we received 48 leads and 9 patient appointments from our website. In fact, I started a $28,000 case last month for a lady who found us through your efforts! That certainly makes the average cost of about $10 per lead seem well worth it.

But even more impressive to me, is the dedication that you have shown and the absolute determination you have demonstrated in your efforts on my behalf. As I am sure you recall, when we first started working together the results were less than we both expected, but you refused to give up. Every week when we talked, you told me the things you were doing to make our results better. Those efforts have certainly paid off. Not only do we receive leads, but those who call already know all about us through their visit to our website.

Lastly, I want you to know just how much fun it has been to work with you as a person. You are knowledgable, fun, energetic, and cute (can I say that?). I have really enjoyed working with you and look forward to our continued relationship.

David J. Mayberry, DDS, PA

Hi Kelly

I have enjoyed every minute of working with you and I have to thank you for your expertise. best wishes.

Dr Anoop Maini
London, UK


Our practice benefits greatly with Kelly and her team via!  We have increased our monthly new patients because of all the new people our internet and Connecttopatients has brought our way!  It's exciting to come in to the office and get on my email, and find new patients I can then send a cheery note too letting them know I am avaliable to answer any questions they may have.  Growing a dental practice is ongoing and we are greatful for Kelly and her team for helping us to do just that!
-Dr. Todd O'Neil
Blue Valley Cosmetic and Family Dentistry